Wikimedia Discovery/Meetings/Checkin/2017-06-13

Topics from the pastEdit

  • Staff annual reviews: Peer reviews due this coming Monday (2017-06-12)
  • Submit your offsite/hackathon expense reports!!
  • Submit your wellness benefits report! (Deadline June 15)
  • Should we change our SoS representation? Should Stas change his reporting to “Search Platform” and have the front-end work show up within Readers?
    • [Small discussion; no resolution; remains an open question]
    • Jan and Paul will help out with SoS for frontend search stuff and maps
    • Erika will discuss Search Platform reporting with Deb
  • SoS dependencies:
    • Default purging strategy for new schemas since July 2016 is full purge after 90 days. If you want new schemas since that date not to be fully purged after 90 days, please contact Analytics as soon as possible.
    • Ops will be removing Salt near the end of next quarter, that means no more Trebuchet as well. See for a list of things still needing migration to scap3.
    • JsonConfig needs attention, but from who? JSONconfig for tabular
      • Erika will talk w/Deb; Kevin will talk w/GregG

Announcements, Information, QuestionsEdit

  • With Dan’s leaving, Chris is now the admin of the discovery and discovery-private mailing lists. The power has the potential to corrupt him. He is seeking others to share the burden. If you’d like to help ensure he doesn’t become dictator of the world by fiat, please speak up. Another name on the admin list would be helpful.
    • Deb will be an admin to help
  • Sister search results arrives Thursday! Woot!
    • On the right track at this point, everything is riding the train now, and barring unforeseen circumstances, it should turn on Thursday’s taken a village!
  • Discovery Weekly status updates. What do we think about rolling this into Reading’s monthly status updates?
    • Chris/Deb can talk about it a little.
    • Discovery has been doing weekly updates, Reading does monthly updates (it’s new and unfamiliar to them). Do we want to keep doing weekly and mention four weeks’ worth at Reading, or go monthly? Deb prefers weekly, it makes it easier to track communications. We can still send weekly updates to Discovery list, it’s already part of our process, and Chris can compile them into the Reading one.
  • Announcement for Discovery team goals / updates coming soon
    • Document has been reviewed and comments provided, next step is to create a wiki page, and then send to the identified list of email lists, which is big. Should be going out today (6/13/17)

Scrum of ScrumsEdit

Are we blocked?

  • None

Are we blocking?

  • None

Other dependencies (in either direction) which don’t need to be called out as “blocked” (e.g. are progressing smoothly, have no urgency, etc.)

  • None

Discovery NewsEdit

Quick Quarterly Goals/KPI Update (if needed)Edit

Discovery Roadmap FY2016/17:

This status was last updated 2017-06-06. Completed/dropped goals are not shown. 

FY 2016-17 Q4 (Apr-Jun) goals:

  • Improve search by researching and load testing machine learning to automatically re-rank search results
    • Research and develop new models to determine which ones work best DONE
    • Build out data munging and data pipeline to develop new models DONE
    • Deploy automated model which matches current performance of manually-configured search result relevance NOT THIS Q?
    • Begin performing load tests on new models to make sure they can be safely deployed to production  SHOULD START SOON (on relforge)
  • Improve search support for different languages by researching and deploying new language analyzers
    • Perform research spikes to find new analyzers for different languages
    • Test new analyzers to see if they are improvements
    • Deploy new analyzers that are found to be an improvement
      • Several are ready to deploy, but are delayed by ongoing elasticsearch upgrade.
  • Refine and test new design of search results page with occasional deployments
    • Test new functionality with at least 2 A/B tests DID ONE
    • Analyze tests and gather community feedback ANALYZED ONE
    • Roll out new functionality with small releases to production across all Wikipedias SHOULD HAPPEN SOON
  • Stabilize maps and graphs code base
    • Stabilize and fix high priority bugs
      • Only 2 remaining open tasks for minimum stabilization  


  • July 5th: Next CREDIT showcase
  • June 19: WMF holiday
  • July 4: US holiday
  • July 18: Next All-Discovery retro
  • July 24-August 4: WMF staff encouraged to work remotely
  • OOO
    • Guillaume on vacation from July 10 to 21st
    • Erika OOO June 20-22 (WikiLead)
    • Paul off July 16-23 (vacation/camp)
    • David (August: wikimania + vacation 2 weeks after the event, back on Aug 29)
    • Paul off August 18-20 + travel (State of the Map)
    • Paul off October 19-22 + travel (State of the Map US)
    • Deb switching June 19 to June 16 (Monday to Friday) for WMF holiday
    • Deb off July 3
    • Deb in Montreal for Wikimania and Hackathon Aug 8-14
    • Jan off July 3 - 7