Wikimedia Discovery/Meetings/Checkin/2017-05-30

Topics from the pastEdit

Announcements, Information, QuestionsEdit

  • Adam and Jon have been invited to this (weekly checkin) meeting
  • [wikitech-l] New Architecture Committee draft charter (and rename to T-Comm):
  • Should we continue to have this meeting after the team splits?
    • Yes, let’s continue. If it gets awkward we can make changes
  • Does wikimania budget roll over to new team structure?
    • KH: Generally the budget got split. I no longer have say over who goes to what events.
  • Technology department will have various in-person meetings throughout the year, mostly just for managers/leadership
  • Namely UI for adding reviewers is not entirely intuitive, so if you haven’t heard from people you expected to, check with them.
    • Deb has worked through some of the tricky parts of the UI, so feel free to contact her if you are having trouble

Scrum of ScrumsEdit

Are we blocked?

  • None

Are we blocking?

  • None

Other dependencies (in either direction) which don’t need to be called out as “blocked” (e.g. are progressing smoothly, have no urgency, etc.)

Discovery NewsEdit

Quick Quarterly Goals/KPI Update (if needed)Edit

Discovery Roadmap FY2016/17:

This status was last updated 2017-05-30. Completed/dropped goals are not shown. 

FY 2016-17 Q4 (Apr-Jun) goals:

  • Improve search by researching and load testing machine learning to automatically re-rank search results   In progress
    • Research and develop new models to determine which ones work best
    • Build out data munging and data pipeline to develop new models
    • Deploy automated model which matches current performance of manually-configured search result relevance
    • Begin performing load tests on new models to make sure they can be safely deployed to production
  • Improve search support for different languages by researching and deploying new language analyzers   In progress
    • Perform research spikes to find new analyzers for different languages
    • Test new analyzers to see if they are improvements
    • Deploy new analyzers that are found to be an improvement
  • Refine and test new design of search results page with occasional deployments   In progress
    • Test new functionality with at least 2 A/B tests
    • Analyze tests and gather community feedback
    • Roll out new functionality with small releases to production across all Wikipedias
  • Stabilize maps and graphs code base   In progress
    • Stabilize and fix high priority bugs  


  • June 5: Tune-up (🐟) changes go into effect
  • June 7: CREDIT showcase
    • Signup:
  • June 19: WMF holiday
  • July 4: US holiday
  • July 18: Next All-Discovery retro
  • July 24-August 4: WMF staff encouraged to work remotely
  • Guillaume on vacation from July 10 to 21st
  • Guillaume off June 8-9
  • David off June 5 (public holiday)
  • Katie out for fr-tech offsite 6/4 to 6/8
  • Erika OOO June 8-9 (vacation)
  • Erika OOO June 20-22 (WikiLead)