Wikimedia Discovery/Meetings/Checkin/2017-03-21

Topics from the pastEdit

  • Book your offsite/hackathon travel (see email)
  • Reminder: Daylight Saving Time (aka “summer time”) is in effect for 98% of the US, but not yet for Europe (March 26) your calendar closely for shifting meetings

Announcements, Information, QuestionsEdit

  • FYI: Movement strategy conversations (cycle 1) are running until April 15
  • [wikitech-l] Starting in April 2017, MediaWiki will end Grade A support for browsers that do not implement ECMAScript 5 JavaScript (e.g. IE 9)
  • Question about booking hotel for hackathon/offsite
    • Just fill out the travel request; if you don’t need hotels before or after the events, you shouldn’t need to do anything special
    • Rosters/manifests haven’t been published yet; when they are, check to make sure your information is accurate
  • Question: Any updates from management about future of maps or potential Product re-org?
    • Maps future depends on annual planning process, so no decisions yet
    • Next step in re-org should be for Anna to post suggestions, ideas, proposals, etc. on wiki, and announce.
  • Question: Status of design position hiring?
    • We are interviewing candidates. No other news.

Scrum of ScrumsEdit

Are we blocked?

  • None

Are we blocking?

  • None

Other dependencies (in either direction) which don’t need to be called out as “blocked” (e.g. are progressing smoothly, have no urgency, etc.)

Discovery NewsEdit

Quick Quarterly Goals/KPI Update (if needed)Edit

Discovery Roadmap FY2016/17:

This status was last updated 2017-03-14. Completed/dropped goals are not shown.

Preview of FY 2016-17 Q4 (Apr-Jun) goals:

FY 2016-17 Q3 (Jan-Mar) Key ResultsEdit

  • Upgrading to Elasticsearch 5
    • Upgrade search cluster to Elasticsearch 5
      • In progress:
      • Release started March 13 (should be done on March 20 or 21)
    • Add real-time index updates to completion suggester
      • In progress:
      • Expected to follow 1-2 weeks after ES 5 update
  • Researching and deploying new language analysers
    • Perform research spikes to find new analysers for different languages
      • Polish, Chinese, Ukrainian are done
    • Test new analysers to see if they are improvements
      • Polish is done; Chinese underway
    • Deploy new analysers that are found to be an improvement
      • Deployment of Polish is expected after ES 5 release
  • Cross-wiki searching
    • Run at least 2 A/B tests on Persian, Italian, Catalan and Polish Wikipedias
      • A/B/C test ended:
      • A/B test currently running, will end March 24
  • Stabilize maps and graphs code base
    • Won’t necessarily end at the quarter boundary


  • Mar 26: Europe Daylight Saving Time starts
  • April 5: CREDIT showcase
    • Signup:
  • April 14: WMF Holiday(!)
  • May 14-18: Discovery offsite in Vienna (right before the hackathon)
  • May 19-21: Hackathon in Vienna (right after the offsite)
  • July?? TBD: Next All-Discovery retro
  • July 24-August 4: WMF staff encouraged to work remotely