Wikimedia Discovery/Meetings/Checkin/2017-01-17

Topics from the pastEdit

  • (There was no checkin last week)
  • Discovery Quarterly Review presentation Jan 23 (slides are due earlier...Jan 16)
    • Dan and Deb believe they have what they need to finalize the decks over the next day or two

Announcements, Information, QuestionsEdit

  • Very brief discussion about the future of the interactive team

Scrum of ScrumsEdit

Are we blocked?

  • None

Are we blocking? (

  • None

Other dependencies (in either direction) which don’t need to be called out as “blocked” (e.g. are progressing smoothly, have no urgency, etc.)

  • None

Discovery NewsEdit

Quick Quarterly Goals/KPI Update (if needed)Edit

Past (Q2 Oct-Dec) Quarterly Review:

Discovery Roadmap FY2016/17:

This status was last updated 2016-12-15. Completed/dropped goals are not shown.

FY 2016-17 Q3 (Jan-Mar) Key ResultsEdit

  • upgrading to Elasticsearch 5
    • Upgrade search cluster to Elasticsearch 5
    • Add real-time index updates to completion suggester
  • deploying new language analysers
    • Perform research spikes to find new analysers for different languages
    • Test new analysers to see if they are improvements
    • Deploy new analysers that are found to be an improvement
  • cross-wiki searching
    • Have a working prototype in Labs
    • Run at least 2 A/B tests on Persian, Italian, Catalan and Polish Wikipedias


  • Feb 1: CREDIT showcase
    • Signup:
  • May Discovery offsite (planning has begun)
  • TBD: Next All-Discovery retro (target late Feb)