Wikimedia Discovery/Meetings/Checkin/2016-06-07

Topics from the pastEdit

  • Dan on vacation from 2nd June until 21st June (inclusive)
  • Katie was in SF on Thursday and Friday, and met with team members
  • Submit any outstanding expense reports ASAP! (Fiscal year is ending)
    • For search offsite, send to Katie

Announcements, Information, QuestionsEdit

Scrum of ScrumsEdit


Dependencies which don’t need to be called out as “blocked” (e.g. are not longer a blocker)

  • (none)

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Discovery News

Quick Quarterly Goals/KPI Update (if needed)Edit

(Status below last updated 2016-06-07)

Q4 Key ResultsEdit

  • Search
    • Run TextCat A/B test
      • English test is running now; others to follow
    • (Maybe push TextCat to production)
    • Update Elasticsearch
      • DONE!
    • Add real-time index updates to completion suggester
      • Won’t happen--elasticsearch removed that feature
  • WDQS
    • Add geocoordinate functionality
      • DONE!
  • Maps/Interactive
  • Portal
    • Run at least 3 A/B tests
      • Two have been run so far; another one has started this week
      • 2 more scheduled
      • Qualtrics survey will be restarted to get more respondents (how did visitor get to portal)
    • Graduated 2 successful A/B tests
      • Pushed descriptive text for sister projects
      • Pushed language detection and re-sorting primary links


  • Next Discovery retrospectives: In progress last week and this week
  • Wikimania June 21-28
  • Next Showcase (“CREDIT”): Scheduled July 7
    • Signup:
  • All-Discovery retro maybe mid-to-late-July?