Wikimedia Discovery/Meetings/Checkin/2016-05-03

Topics from the pastEdit

  • Anything to discuss for Moiz transition?
    • User Experience Engineers are feeling well supported
    • Discussions with Abbey about Maps research
  • Reminder: Annual reviews!
    • Req holding international contractors will follow the regular reviews process minus the review packet needing to be approved by SafeGuard

Announcements, Information, QuestionsEdit

  • Conversation on interactive maps on Wikipedia has started! Good community response already. OSM volunteers even put together a preliminary “Welcome to Wikipedia users” on their wiki.
    • Chris has been doing a great job supporting community broadcast and discussion. No need to increase resourcing
  • New footer A/B test on has been deployed (May 3):
  • Portal team updated the stats for the portal site (May 3)
    • FYI: no other portal stats needed updating at this time
  • Tabular data is in active discussion
    • Commons:Village pump: Tabular data storage for Commons?

Scrum of ScrumsEdit


  • By Security: (json-schema, needed for maps) - done

Dependences which don’t need to be called out as “blocked”

No longer a blocker

  • Issue while installing new elasticsearch servers (Chris has about 60 servers arriving, it will take some time) -
  • Wrong SSD in wdqs100[12]: same, bandwidth of Chris is limited -


  • Are we blocking?

Discovery News

Quick Quarterly Goals/KPI Update (if needed)Edit

Q4 Key ResultsEdit


  • Next Showcase (“CREDIT”): Scheduled May 12 (Thursday)
    • Signup:
  • Next Discovery retrospectives: TBD late May