Wikimedia Discovery/Meetings/Analysis retrospective 2017-04-18


Previous action itemsEdit

  • (none) 

What has happened since the last retro (2017-03-03)Edit

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  • updated the portal dashboard to now show sister project clickthroughs (task T152617) and app links (task T154634)
  • updated external traffic dashboard to add note about internally referred traffic being mis-categorized (task T154722)
  • created a new dashboard to display the usage stats for Wikidata Query Service (WDQS) end point (SPARQL and LDF) usage (task T156300)
  • Finished up the analysis of the first A/B test for the sister project search results (task T156300)
  • Fixed an issue with the retrieval scripts not using correct data on the portal dashboard (task T162178)
  • Removed regex in ZRR breakdown by type on the Search dashboard (task T161876)
  • Finishing up second A/B test for the sister project search results
  • Product/tech "tune-up" (tuna)
  • Added the option to view relative traffic on external traffic dashboard
  • Almost done with language-project breakdown of various metrics on Search dashboard
  • Added the option to view non-bot traffic on external traffic dashboard

What has made you mad?Edit

  • The tuna [MP +1][CX +1]

What has made you sad?Edit

  • Possibly getting split [CX +1]
    • Having to figure out who goes where (“who gets to live with mom, who gets to live with dad”)
  • Unsure if dewiki and itwiki folks are less likely to clickthrough sister project snippets if they’re clearly laid out on the page. Did we provide enough information to them? [MP +1, it’s just such a weird result]

What has made you glad?Edit

  • Some people outside Discovery have reached out with sympathies, which is appreciated
  • Learned a lot about puppet from Mr G [MP +1]
  • Help with the Quarterly Check-in slides!
  • People fighting over who gets to keep Mikhail and Chelsy because they’re both awesome [MP :D][CX: :)]

What has made you plaid? (aka whatever didn't fit in one of the other categories)Edit

  • Mikhail & Chelsy meeting for brunch [CX YAY!]

What is some tiny thing we could try that might be an improvement (in any area--people, tools, processes)Edit

  • We should have ice cream days for our meetings. Ice cream of your own making (or buying)! (It’s the small things, Kevin! :P ) [KH: We did this in fundraising for a while. +1][CX +1][MP +1]


Org Tuna [Note: "Tuna" was an internal nickname for the "tune-up" that was announced in June 2017]

  • DT: Curious about any progress on analyst assignments
  • DG: Toby is on vacation. We didn’t just have 2 analysts due to volume, but also due to the timeliness of getting reports. Additional project would exacerbate the problem. Toby encouraged me to send an email with my thoughts.
  • MP: VC also seemed positive in her response.
  • DG: Didn’t specifically say that Chelsy should move to Technology. Hoped to get people to agree to the concepts, not nitpick the details.
  • DT: Is the idea that both will help with the goals in the annual plan? Or only if one or both stay in frontend or backend?
  • DG: Probably only one(s) that stay in frontend/backend. With an offer of “consultation” from the other. I pointed out that we have “report review” similar to code review.
  • KS: Will you (DG) move to editing on May 8, unless something changes?
  • DG: Unclear.
  • KH: The original thinking of the move to editing was that it would be done in a non-disruptive way. Not clear if they are thinking it would be best to rip the bandage.
  • DG: Could split Discovery, or could split and move Dan to editing. Editing doesn’t need me this moment. I mentioned this to Toby. He understood but didn’t say what the plan is.
  • ??: Any news on TPG?
  • KS: We’re having a big meeting tomorrow, and hope to get some answers. 

Action itemsEdit

  • DT: Can try to get culture-specific testers
  • KS: Ice cream day