Wikimedia Discovery/Meetings/Analysis retrospective 2016-12-16



Note that "mad" and "sad" don't have to mean literally angry or saddened. They can be used in a playful way as well.

Previous action itemsEdit

  • Mikhail: Discuss opsy stuff w/GL (and Chelsy)
    •   Done w/GL
  • Dan: Figure out if we want to split up Mikhail and Chelsy for meetings and teams
    • Include a statement of the perceived problem
    •   Done: Mikhail is the primary maps contact; Chelsy is the primary search contact

What has happened since the last retro (2016-11-08)Edit

  • 'Verified data pipeline for BM25 AB test - ja, zh, th
  • [Dashboard][Search] Make monthly metrics module work again
  • Investigate if Interactive logging schema makes sense
  • New Analysis: From Zero To Hero 2: Electric Boogaloo - or - how does stripping out question marks improve search
  • Wrapping up the final report for results of the second BM25 test
  • Completed analysis for looking at WDQS traffic data to find parallel connection patterns
  • Wrapping up new dashboard for other countries for Portal traffic (beta: )
  • Fixed Maps dashboard & added some improvements

What has made you mad?Edit

  • Refactoring an entire codebase to a new framework/infrastructure. (Nearly done.)+1+1

What has made you sad?Edit

  • Interactions with Interactive are better, but still not great

What has made you glad?Edit

  • Improvements in interactions with Interactive
  • New and improved dashboards for making things better for the portal and maps
  • Lots of new data improvements - data cube/pivot (coming soon!)
  • Working with Nuria and Dan A to clean up logs and other fun stuff
  • Don't have anything to complain about.
  • Looking forward to seeing everyone in January! :)+1+1
  • Glad that I did the second BM25 A/B test analysis. I learned a lot from discussing with the search team. :) - Chelsy

What has made you plaid? (aka whatever didn't fit in one of the other categories)Edit

  • Mikhail/Chelsy generally not attending search sprint planning meetings. Is this because you don't feel welcome? Because you feel the meetings are not useful? Because things work just fine without attending? Was it even a deliberate decision?
    • I feel welcome, but there's so much stuff that's search-specific (as there should be) that I didn't always know why I was there for the several times I was in those before. - Mikhail
    • I feel welcome too, but most of the time I don't really understand what you all are talking about since it's search specific. Trying to attend when I'm not working on anything else that's more important
    • Then I applaud you both for cutting out a meeting which is not particularly useful for you :-)
  • Event logging for portal app links
    • Testing is ongoing
    • We have done some analysis work, but no final reports
    • The links appear to be accomplishing their goal (raising awareness of apps)

Action itemsEdit

  • Dan: Chelsy/Mikhail should be optional at search sprint planning meeting   Done