Wikimedia Discovery/Meetings/Analysis retrospective 2016-09-30



Note that "mad" and "sad" don't have to mean literally angry or saddened. They can be used in a playful way as well.

Previous action itemsEdit

from last retro (2016-09-02)

  • Kevin: Schedule next retro for 40-45 minutes
    • DONE

What has happenedEdit

(using as a starting point)

  • add a 'most commonly clicked section per visit' metric on Portal dashboard
  • Analysis team had a discussion on how to use better wording for phrases like "users were 1.07 times more likely to do X" and decided on using phrases similar to "we can expect 2-9 more sessions to click on a search result when they have the new feature"
  • turned off BM25 A/B test, awaiting analysis (almost done! things keep interrupting)
  • Mikhail and Chelsy attended an Analyst on-site two day meeting in the SF office
  • Tried finding ways to combine cirrus search logs with engagement data
  • Added event logging for the Wikipedia portal to capture the language selected in the search box
  • Added updated the mobile dashboard for new features added in event logging
  • Added 'other' pageviews to the dashboard accounting for 'keep alive' and other hits to the page
  • Updated data access guidelines search logs from flourine to hive
  • Completed analysis to determine if the new portal page display caused any pageview decreases to smaller wikis (UK) (analysis html and pdf docs)
  • Updated dashboards to allow for easier bookmarking/copying
  • Almost finished WDQS Usage report (One final discussion left with Stas)
  • Experimental Dashboard to expand traffic tracking to all countries ( ) pretty happy with the pie :)

What has made you mad?Edit

  • Issues yesterday with Vagrant, Labs instances (resolved now but boy howdy was I ready to cry at the end of the day yesterday)
    • Setting up labs instances, getting vagrant set up, web proxy stuff wasn't working
  • Should Mikhail have to do sys admin stuff? Maybe, maybe not. Perhaps Guillaume could be more involved?

What has made you sad?Edit

  • BM25 testing and analysis might need to have a round two, based on some of the findings
  • A couple health issues of team members
  • Seeing some of what people search for, to the point where Mikhail had to reach out to the Trust & Safety team about some very concerning queries
  • No interaction between Interactive Team and Analysis Team
  • Maps dashboard is languishing and is not being used (?)
    • Concerns about maintenance overhead
    • Probably should wait to decide until Deb better understands what interactive has
  • Should we add analytics/tracking to our dashboards and then have meta-dashboards for seeing how people use our dashboards?
    • Like, not even joking. This is a genuine question.
    • (Discussion ensued. Outcome was that product owners weren't keen on the idea, but Mikhail was free to file a task.)

What has made you glad?Edit

  • Lots of good communication with Chelsy and Mikhail on topics that have come up, based on the analysis that they're doing
  • Training for Melody K (and Deb) for event logging+1
    • +1 - Dan
  • Mikhail had an ergonomics assessment so hopefully that will result in something+1
  • Dan also has an ergonomics assessment and it has reduced his lower back pain :-)+1
  • "Data Analysis Coworking Days" were awesome+1!!

What has made you rad?Edit

  • Having awesome coworkers.
  • Cool facial hair
  • Pirate clothing and chatter


  • Like this retro format+1

Action itemsEdit

  • Dan: Figure out if we want to split up Mikhail and Chelsy for meetings and teams
    • Include a statement of the perceived problem
  • Deb: Figure out what to do with the Maps Dashboard
  • Mikhail: Think about involving GL in sys admin stuff