Wikimedia Discovery/Meetings/Analysis retrospective 2016-09-02


This retrospective format was based on one from Scrum Breakfast:

Remember the "retrospective prime directive": 

  • Regardless of what we discover, we understand and truly believe that everyone did the best job they could, given what they knew at the time, their skills and abilities, the resources available, and the situation at hand.

Previous action itemsEdit

  • Dan: send out an intro email to WMFall welcoming Chelsy to the team :)
    •   Done
  • Dan: Follow up with Deb about interactions with upper management
    • Hasn't been a problem lately, so we'll leave it for now. Will watch for future recurrences
  • Deb: Create a task to update the dashboard contact info
    •   Done! (and it was pushed to production)

What has happened since the last retro (August 8)?Edit

  • Lots of small dashboard updates (portal, search, mobile and external traffic)
  • Some big dashboard updates :P (Languages visited from Portal)
  • Analysis completed of what "good stuff" the portal team has done over the last 8-ish months and why there was a spike in pageviews
  • Chelsy starts working on projects to get familiar with the database and dashboards (Thanks Mikhail!)
  • Chelsy's WDQS report almost done / Mikhail's Ukwiki report almost done

Team strengthsEdit

  • Chelsy's onboarding seems to be going very well! (Needs confirmation from Chelsy :P)+1YAY!!THX!:)
  • Chatting via email, irc or hangout when questions arose on how we wanted to proceed with a certain analysis decision
  • Lots of back and forth on a new and very important dashboard that is very helpful for community members to tell what's going on with the smaller wikipedia's

Ideas for improvementEdit

  • Keep up the great communication!
  • More tie-ins with the analysis teams from other verticals (Editing: Neil, Helen; Reading: Tilman; Nuria)
    • Dan arranged the analysis coworking in September to aid with this
    • Are there opportunities for more tech sharing between dashboards etc. between verticals?

Action itemsEdit

  • Kevin: Schedule next retro for 40-45 minutes