Wikimedia Cloud Services team/Phabricator boards

The Wikimedia Cloud Services team uses several Phabricator boards to organize its work. This page seeks to describe the current ones that exist and a way of potentially organizing them so that we can get the most value for them.

Category Name Description Workboard? Backlog Columns Topical Columns Workflow Columns Tracking Column Milestones
Environment-wide Cloud-Services Umbrella project for all things Cloud Services Workboard Triage, Backlog OpenStack, Database, Storage, Tools In Progress, Stalled Tracking
Team-wide cloud-services-team Project specifically for WMF work on Cloud Services Workboard Backlog Kanban, FY2017-18, FY2018-19
Infrastructure Cloud-VPS OpenStack infrastructure as a service Workboard Backlog Project requests, Quota requests
Infrastructure Toolforge Shared hosting / platform as a service Workboard Triage, Backlog In Progress, Waiting for CR, Waiting for Information Tracking
Infrastructure Operational project for the Wikitech wiki Workboard Backlog Config
Product Data-Services Various data offerings including Wiki Replicas Workboard Backlog Wiki Replicas, Datasets, ToolsDB, Shared Storage, Dumps
Product Toolhub Comprehensive catalog of software tools Workboard Backlog In Progress, Review Radar
Product Horizon Admin interface for Cloud VPS Workboard Backlog
Product Striker Admin interface for Toolforge Workboard Backlog Needs Discussion, Ready, Doing
Product PAWS Online interactive computing environment Workboard Backlog MVP, Easy Tasks Waiting information JupyterHub 0.9
Product Quarry Online wiki database querying service Workboard Backlog Feature Request, Bugs, Bugs (Endless Query Run), Epics Done (closed)
Community Tools Umbrella project for individual community-developed tools -
Community VPS-Projects Umbrella project for individual projects hosted on Cloud VPS Workboard Backlog
Milestone JupyterHub 0.9 Milestone project documenting a software upgrade for PAWS Workboard Backlog MVP, Easy tasks Waiting release, Waiting information
Milestone Kanban Project management board for the WMCS Team Workboard Inbox Needs discussion, To-Do, On-call, Doing
Milestone FY 2017–18 Board to track goals for Fiscal Year 2017–18 Workboard Backlog Outcomes Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4
Milestone FY 2018–19 Board to track goals for Fiscal Year 2018–19 Workboard Backlog Outcomes Q1, Q2
Milestone Project-requests Requests for new Cloud VPS projects Workboard Inbox Toolforge suggested Discussion needed, Approved
Milestone Quota-requests Requests for Cloud VPS project quota increases Workboard Inbox Toolforge suggested Discussion needed, Approved