Wikimedia Apps/imported/Retrospective-September 2013

Went WellEdit

  • Released new iOS version of Commons App
  • Measurable storys
  • Acceptance critieria
  • Actual velocity
  • Autolayout conversion
  • Awesome progress: got a general release for iOS, and now almost ready for iOS 7
  • Trello Scrumm plugin
  • Bounce house
  • Wikipedia app brainstorming
  • Campaign backend work for desktop, that is generally useful no matter what happens to the app
  • Planning while being actually in the office let me participate properly

Went PoorlyEdit

  • [b] my velocity wasn't what I wanted, did a lot of support/review (which is useful tho!) and prepping for the updated Reader app+
  • Story creation for keeping rest of team up to date on Autolayout conversion steps++
  • Android license work stalled
  • Travel stuff (2 sets of jet lag)
  • Working at the open office
  • Quarterly planning was too mobile web centric +++ [Tomasz]
  • We know that Wikidata dependencies are too far out to be usable for at least 6 months [Tomasz] ++
  • Android code architecture still confusing [Monte] +
  • Interaction with the design team +++ [Tomasz]

Confuses usEdit

  • What *done* will mean for the commons app
  • Technical architecture issues for the Wikipedia app