Wikimedia Apps/imported/Retrospective-October 16 2013

Went WellEdit

Went PoorlyEdit

  • We got behind on code review
  • Have to maintain a spreadsheet for velocity
  • Trello extension miscounts story points
  • Trello extension doesn't count story points sometimes
  • Yuvi's wrist (lost a good 3-4 days of productivity) :( [Yuvi]
  • "Storys" are too techincal and not user facing (+1) [Tomasz]

Confuses usEdit

  • Should we estimate bugs?
  • We still need to make sure we talk to design more regularly (+1) [Brion -> meeting next week yay!]
  • How do design and apps teams interact? +1
  • Are we ok with these notes being public?


  • Quarterly planning was too mobile web centric +++ [Tomasz]
  • We know that Wikidata dependencies are too far out to be usable for at least 6 months [Tomasz] ++
  • Android code architecture still confusing [Monte] +
  • Interaction with the design team +++ [Tomasz]