Wikimedia Apps/imported/Retrospective-November 14 2013

Went WellEdit

  • plumbing time let us do low-level experimentation without worrying too much about immediate workingness +1
  • yuvi live and in person (black rectangle comes alive!)
  • computer history museum trip!
  • great times talking w/ designers! +1
  • great working closely with engineers, found out a whole lot about restraints to design around (kept me grounded)
  • mvp planning user personas
  • working on both platforms at once gave us ideas on how to implement things on the other platform
  • Sprint theme and user stories
  • playing with android phones!

Went PoorlyEdit

  • we're losing Yuvi for a few more days, d'oh!
  • ios and android are slightly out of sync (but not that bad! yuvi's a machine!+!)
  • Yuvi worked way too late in the office

Confuses usEdit

Previous RetrospectiveEdit

  • Yuvi's wrist (lost a good 3-4 days of productivity) :( [Yuvi]
  • "Storys" are too techincal and not user facing (+1) [Tomasz]
  • Quarterly planning was too mobile web centric +++ [Tomasz]
  • We know that Wikidata dependencies are too far out to be usable for at least 6 months [Tomasz] ++
  • We still need to make sure we talk to design more regularly (+1) [Brion -> meeting next week yay!]