Wikimedia Apps/imported/Retrospective-November 13 2014

Previous Retrospective ActionsEdit

  • Finish reviewing Nearby blog post [Dan] DONE
  • Concerns about the robustness of Wikidata given its importance to mobile work was a major concern. Related actions include: DONE

Worked WellEdit

  • Spending time with Dmitry and Bernd on tweaking and finessing <3
  • Apple releases went faster than expected \o/
  • Time off! :) +1
  • Velocity of Android app progress +1
  • Poaching code from android for iOS - queries for search improvements
  • Dan's time allocation, I'm pretty much 95% on apps right now +1
  • Building the app roadmap
  • Lead images look awesome! +1!+1+1+1
  • Using wikidata short descriptions for all the things
  • Wikidata integration in 3 places
  • Alpha builds working again.

Worked PoorlyEdit

  • iOS data refactor still bogged down for a while, but making better progress once the integration started
  • Need moar iOS developers! +1
  • Moar QA for Android app; need time to let code gelatinize
    • Rummana and Elena will be starting soon (1 FTE total)
    • Dan + Kristen meeting with R, E, and Greg Monday to talk about how working with the team will go
    • Specialist's Guild can provide backup QA (24 hr turnaround!); will give them next release candidate
    • Release process: making release candidates ahead of time (we'll need to get better/more regimented at this to coordinate with QA peeps)
    • Tomasz can help with this?
  • Need more time for bug fixes/cleanup. Spending around 3 days on that at beginning of sprint on Android.
    • more eyes on the code! Another Android engineer?
  • More blog posts
    • Desire for us to socialize our work more
    • Action! Blog post for lead images [DMITRY]
    • Action! Blog post for wikidata descriptions for search [DAN]
  • Socializing Nearby and all the new stuff we have in the pipeline (what's our story)
    • Moiz thinks we should have somethign really meaty before showing off to the world

Confuses UsEdit

  • Objective C. +1 Swiftly swift!
    • Dan will be doing some follow-up on this
  • How is iOS going to catch up without additional resources for the next few months +1 let's get some hiring done hopefully!
  • Material design; what does it mean and when are we going to do it?
    • How are we going to translate the design principles in to engineering tasks?
    • Full redesign or just "materialist approach" to what's coming up?
    • Action! Vibha will send around links and possibly set up a meeting to dive in this more [Vibha]
  • the new iOS 8 TestFlight is confusing to use so far
    • will try with external beta testers to iron out the kinks
  • still unsure of Wikidata's capacity to handle our load (may be a blocker for all the features we want to implement)
  • End of year sprint and dates [Kristen]