Wikimedia Apps/imported/Retrospective-May 30 2014

Worked wellEdit

  • Onboarding thingies (+1, re Bernd)
  • Legoktm..whoever helping w ios bugs
  • design & implementation iteration is going faster than before
  • very responsive PMs (+One)
  • Interaction with Mobile Web over style reuse (kaldari & juliusz & max+1)
  • Liangent (+1)
  • super happy with designs! very refined by the time they land on story cards
  • Redesign of iOS app looks fantastic
  • Mobile pm switchover
  • Frequent releases on both iOS and Android (+1)
  • pm running every effective interference shielding devs from many small annoyances :) Dis us:
  • F2F meetings (Zurich) with some of the devs and some of the designers and some of the PMs (+1)
  • Whenever I go to fix a formatting error in this etherpad, someone else fixes it first.
  • Having Bernd and Dmitry in the office +1+1+1+1
  • Working 1:1 with Monte, Yuvi, Dmitry, Bernd
  • More Brion time
  • Team(-Yuvi, Dan :() dinner with high quality Desserts+1

Worked poorlyEdit

  • 80/20 Rule. Would like to think about behaviors for us instead of traditional patterns +1.++++ [Vibha]
  • Would be great to have automated builds ++ [Bernd - Android, Brion - iOS]
  • Not "poorly" per se, but sometimes community members are more enthusiastic about bug-reporting than our capacity to handle new work allows for, and some of those bugs are super edge-case. Devs should never feel pressured to work on stuff just because somebody on Bugzilla says something is broken ;)
  • I (Dan) felt quite distant with everyone being at the Hackathon then me being remote for two weeks afterwards
  • Need more ios testers! [monte]

Confuses UsEdit

  • Who 'target user' is++++ [Dan]
  • Continued/detailed testing with Android 2.3/3/4/etc? (+1 +1 +1)+ [Dmitry]
  • iOS market release unclear++++ [Dan]
  • Continued/detailed testing with Android 2.3/3/4/etc? (+1 +1 +1)+
  • Community stake+
  • Developer and Product standpoint on standard vs custom [Vibha]+
  • Who came up with the concept of visas? (evil people)muhuhahahah!
  • Way too much stuff on Trello from Design. Managing designs so everyone has a point of ref.
  • What will be the difference between alpha and beta for Android
  • How is everyone feeling? tired
  • How to declare who is working on a specific bug (Trello vs Bugzilla?)




  • Vision discussion for post MVP sprints
  • A place for roadmap related ideas that are low hanging fruit based on current components

Stuff that'd help with onboardingEdit

  • design overview of the app
  • accurate documentation ;)