Wikimedia Apps/imported/Retrospective-May 1 2014

Worked wellEdit

  • beta/alpha releases went out a lot!
  • Android alpha one almost every day!
  • Figured out the Android alpha install people were having (yay Howie!)
  • Fanatic testers have discovered the Wikipedia app! (Liangent in particular)
  • iOS testflight releases
  • Faster iteration on Android
  • Addition of *ana as PMs! +1
  • Good PM interaction
  • Got icons :D
  • wikifont! (iOS only!)
  • Dmitry onboarding ;) +1
  • Getting up to speed with dev tools and Gerrit
  • Getting to actually make product decisions is fun
  • EventLogging design mostly sorted out, lots of back and forth with Analytics (android only!)
  • Team being slightly out of sync

Worked poorlyEdit

  • Communication / Interaction with Design (+)() [Maryana]
  • Somebody stole our Kenan
  • Data migration not quite done, balance of complexity turned out to be simpler on the extraction and harder on the import than was expected
    • We should probably whittle Saved Pages down a bit. Me and dbrant have started on patches. +++ [Yuvi]
  • Alpha releases for some people didn't work (Howie discovered the fix)
  • document the code better :D+

Confuses UsEdit

  • How often should I be signing off on things?
  • Release timeline. Beginning of sprint we mentioned android to beta at end of sprint and then no mention after ++ [Maryana]
  • How easy is it to push out test builds? Can we do it more often without dev velocity taking a hit? (note is different on Android and iOS)
  • Are iOS & Android siloed? If a bug is reported on Android, does somebody check to see if it's happening on iOS & vice versa?+
  • experiment with bug-report built in feature on ios [mhurd]
  • Not enough comments and discussion on the design trello board+++ [team]