Wikimedia Apps/imported/Retrospective-March 6 2014

Worked WellEdit

  • Moar releases!
  • Bugello is working well
  • Got a bunch of small fixes through, got more coming for next week :D +
  • App's small annoying bugs getting fixed, is more stable. (^ same as what brion said)
  • more voices in design conversation
  • collaboration with WP:Zero (Adam)

Worked PoorlyEdit

  • sign-off availability (+1)++ [kenan]
    • do we do a delegate?
    • do we stagger between web and app?
    • should we ensure releases go out *before* wednesday noon, and if a patch slips the patch slips?++
  • Not enough people looking at the app (and doubly so for Android?) (++++)+++ [kenan]
    • we can start adding more non-internal ios beta users, we can remove old devices now
    • lets get 20 testers on each of the apps
    • experiment with bug-report built in feature on ios [mhurd]
  • Finishing TOC
  • Android needs more testing
  • Not enough comments and discussion on the design trello board+++ [team]

Confuses UsEdit

  • Still a bit confused about the process of migrating things from design ideas to work items++
  • tried to give moiz the link for release but it didn't seem to work for him <- lol haha Apple distribution system :P (HAHAHAHAHA) [mhurd]


  • design Wednesdays +1 [May] [done]
  • can benefit more with product presence in engineer-design conversations. [May+Kenan] [ongoing]
  • need to better coordinate with language folks to get the translatewiki set up (we've gotten some review but need to grab them to get it actually pushed) [brion: check siebrand's timezones] [this is now done!]