Wikimedia Apps/imported/Retrospective-July 24 2014

Worked WellEdit

  • Late mad scramble to wrangle iOS app dangling bits
  • Splitting giant stories into smaller work pieces
    • using epics
  • Android releases are almost non-events now
  • Android production release!
  • Engineers being excited about what comes next
  • Design Review + 1
  • Dan's data analysis
    • edit workflow data
    • account registrations data
      • how many people saved pages and the amount
      • which workflow buttons they tap
  • Abbey's gorilla testing of the app
    • Dan to speak to Abbey about what her plans are for Wikimania testing
  • Android having bandwidth to take on more stories (Design feels less guilty)
  • Getting a new scrummaster. Welcome Kristen!
  • Getting more of Tomasz with his Director hat on
  • Yuvi offloading more and more things :)
  • iOS app submission!

Worked PoorlyEdit

  • Keeping cards in line with our quarterly goals +1
  • Prioritization feels a little hit or miss
  • Automated building of Android package (for release/beta)+

Confuses UsEdit

  • Commitment to Page Styling vs increasing active editors +1+1+1+1++1 [DAN] with help Vibha & engineers
  • Story Point Split between IOS and Android
  • Unclear what schedule translation updates are happening at, and we only have yuvi with direct access in the system. Do we need more folks with access, or just a clearer schedule with Siebrand? ++1 (Yuvi will transition this to another team member (Siebrand wants only one person to have access in the team), volunteers welcome) [Bernd] volunteers.
  • Vibha Bugging Engineers - Need to ad hoc chat during the week, not sure if Im bothering you.
    • Design/engineering decisions/work happening without Dan's input
  • How we're going to handle further app updates, since a few of them are already in the works
  • Monte's chair :-))
  • Apps @ Wikimania [Tomasz]
  • Split up for story points that dont affect UX (Different from Mobile Web)
  • How are we handling community feedback - are we going to use a wiki?
    • A mediawiki page describing the app [DAN]++++
    • Constructive feedback


  • Maybe we should have a data workshop for designers and products. [Dan] to speak to Maryana, since she'd be ideal would be probably be ideal for this. Monthly data meeting.