Wikimedia Apps/imported/Retrospective-January 8 2015

Previous Retrospective ActionsEdit

  • Action! Try limiting individual standups to 1 minute [Team] keep doing
  • Action! Send around mobile web workboard view for bugs [Kristen] Will do at buggin' meeting [DONE]
  • Action! Talk to Erik about the balance between holding back features for the sake of Comm splashes vs. being open and transparent; what is the line for what is a splashy feature vs not [DAN] DONE

Worked WellEdit

  • Onboarding Adam
    • People spending valuable time onboarding Adam +1
  • dragging Brion into the office more to work in-person!
  • {"en-us": "Vacation", "en-gb": "Holiday"} +1+1+1+1
  • CHRISTMA777SSSSSS+1-8888
  • Tweet a Fact on Android looks awesome +1+1
  • Got a lot of stuff done early in the sprint :)
  • Android Gallery; beta release before holidays +1
  • Android Gallery with swipe left/right, zoom/pan, ...
  • Dan had fun doing some code quality tweaks on Android
  • New stuff based on the new iOS storage code is going really fast -- makes me feel the refactor was worth it! +100
  • Dan creating EL schemasvb

Worked PoorlyEdit

  • "Twerk a fact"
  • Division of big lead image & conversion tasks could possibly have broken down to better work pieces, but we got em on the run now +1
    • we have a hard time breaking down large tasks, slows throughput (or perception of throughput)
    • things are more self-contained now, lessens risk of this going forward
  • Analytics stuff
    • Action: talk to Toby about woes [Dan]

Confuses UsEdit

  • The role of mobile at the MediaWiki Developer Summit+1
    • there is a meet on Monday to clarify some of this (Brion attending)
    • risk of strengthening a mobile silo with a mobile track
    • meeting tomorrow to clarify what is happening in sessions
  • Swift. When is it happening?
    • behind on iOS
    • busy with onboarding
  • Who does code review for random patches in MediaWiki core? e.g. +1
    • Dan is adding Brion to patch. reachign out to Chris
  • It can be a bit confusing when things like wikidata descriptions in mobileview are actually going live +1
    • Dan showed Monte where to find "release notes"
  • Code signing profiles
    • Action! Document process as well as possible and possibly turn team agent in to role account [Brion -> get initial docs done by mid-Jan]
    • Team lead role

Note: Moiz is getting sucked in to mobile web stuff right now; if he seems disconnected he's sorry! Dan checked with Luis about tweet a fact stuff, he will get back to us next week on attribution-related issues; hold off on releasing to beta (couple days)