Wikimedia Apps/imported/Retrospective-January 14 2014

Went WellEdit

  • Splitting up stories so they have fewer acceptance criteria
  • Am continuing to properly work with the designers!+100
  • Yuvi and Monte have new code for me to review like all the time :D
  • Things seem to be going according to plan, more or less
  • Not too many meetings.
  • Overall velocity still okay, since we are able to catch up on lost time easily enough
  • Sharing video rather than still images.
  • Yuvi pointing me in right direction for api-intensive stories
  • Devs making time for me! (and vice versa!)
  • I have a proper sleep cycle now!+1
  • Q3 planning +1+1 (more 'loop' thinking!)

Went PoorlyEdit

  • We might have overestimated what we could implement on design [May]
  • getting iOS builds out (enterprise license) [Brion]
  • Overestimated what we could get done over holidays
  • Too many stories rolled over to the next sprint
  • Getting Brion to do shiny new things
  • Need a android dev focusing on design and performance +100

Confuses usEdit

  • Acceptance/sign off [Kenan]
  • How will we run the iOS beta [brion: get hold of apple enterprise folks asap!] +1

Previous RertoEdit

  • Test flight [Brion & Tomasz]