Wikimedia Apps/imported/Retrospective-February 7 2014

Went WellEdit

  • "Latest Design Assets by Page" trello board


  • Planning for our cluster deployments
  • The core editing community folks I showed the app to are pretty happy about its current state
  • lots of awesome stuff happening! the app is starting to look awesome
  • test flight w/ enterprise distribution is working great, we're getting into more testers and designers hands on iOS
  • sign off column
  • design Wednesdays +1 [May]
  • Yuvi passed his class and were starting on his H1B
  • Regular releases
  • Pushing the release back +1
  • Bugello works! -1 + 1 - 0 / 0

Went PoorlyEdit

  • need to better coordinate with language folks to get the translatewiki set up (we've gotten some review but need to grab them to get it actually pushed) [brion: check siebrand's timezones]
  • can benefit more with product presence in engineer-design conversations. [May+Kenan]
  • more stickiness (iOS cards specifically) related to not enough refactor fun time
  • and then Yuvi got sick after celebrating his passing of exam (from a burger! not even from something nice!) the fact that he got sick
  • test on device +1

Confuses usEdit

  • need to do more bugfix/polish, but when? +1

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