Wikimedia Apps/imported/Retrospective-December 11 2014

Previous Retrospective ActionsEdit

Worked WellEdit

  • Once ready for merge we got lots done on the big ios refactor finally! +1+1
  • Android omg
    • Amazingly ^ fast progress on image viewer on Android+1+1
  • Great work by the Search team (search API with Index) +1+1
    • we knew who to talk to/there were resources available
    • strong project/tech lead (Nik)
    • user-centered focus (user was us :-))
  • Great work by Wikidata (pageterms) +1+1
  • I liked seeing some more important features/fixes bubble up
    • e.g. working on the image viewer when it became apparent that it was more important
  • Apple's been faster about app store turnaround lately, yay
  • Tomasz helping us push refactor stuff over the finish line
    • He ordered pizza!!!
    • he pushed on deadlines/firm due dates
    • document issues clearly/checklist card (eg Monte made a giant trello card as he was reviewing/integrating the code)
  • Transition to Material design theme/icons/toolbar was pretty smooth :)
  • Hiring going faster than previously
  • Hiring is moving!
  • Fixing the freezing bug on iOS pretty quickly and getting it out there+1
  • Dan still having fun writing patches for Android!
  • Adam is moving to our team!+100

Worked PoorlyEdit

  • Took too long to get the big ios refactor ready for merge. Perhaps break down differently next time so it's easier to land in pieces...
    • sync more often on how the progress is going
    • we expected things to go long, so didn't think to have short check-ins
    • check-in points at small milestones, attempt integration of bits perhaps sooner/more often rather than just at very end
    • danger in being 90% of the time 50% of the time
    • mega-spike
  • Hiring still going too slow
  • Haven't pushed a production release for Android in a while (hope this will change next week) +1 (-1?)
  • ^ Rift between iOS and Android feature-wise (may cause delay in release) +1(i don't think android should have to wait on anything just because it's not done on iOS yet)
  • Bug triaging/K-Phab
    • Action! Try limiting individual standups to 1 minute
    • "What's your one minute?"
    • 20-second warning

Confuses UsEdit

  • When tweet-a-fact will get on android
    • Got bumped by the legal requirements this sprint
    • at top of backlog!
    • likely to start soon since we're crankin' through sprint
    • please ping Moiz when you start working on it
  • What the deal is around comms splashes and product launches (see action item below)
  • Adam onboarding?
    • don't worry
    • Monte will make an onboarding list based on mobile web example
  • Rainpocalypse
    • it's just rain+1+1
  • Still relearning phabricator for bugs and stuff

Action! Send around mobile web workboard view for bugs [Kristen]

  • Swift switchover spikes?
    • we'll get to them when we get to them

Action! Talk to Erik about the balance between holding back features for the sake of Comm splashes vs. being open and transparent; what is the line for what is a splashy feature vs not [DAN]