Wikimedia Apps/imported/Retrospective-April 3 2014

Worked WellEdit

  • Some effort in forwarding emails to mobile-tech/-l
  • Communication has been moving to mobile-l more of late, hopefully we can keep that up :)
  • More alpha testers yay! More regular releases on Android. Soon more people making releases.
  • Adam helping out with CR a bit was cool +1
  • Adam helpful on iOS code review as well
  • Hiring - We're very close to hiring more android app engineers +1!

Worked PoorlyEdit

  • Slow to move cards from sign off column(+1)
    • Took a bit of time to get the builds. [Brion+Yuvi will follow up]* Kenan can't get the Android alpha download to work +May too
  • Unsure about value of Sign off column, atm seems to be a rush of paperworky process stuff on fridays and mondays @
  • Poor communications about decision-making lately (+1? more so for remote?)
  • We haven't been doing any user testing to validate underlying issues that we planned on doing months ago @
  • Kenan can't get the Android alpha download to work +May too
  • Too many meetings, I think. Perhaps experiment with longer sprints to reduce overhead? Start with async default? +1 @

Confuses UsEdit

  • Planning meeting was confusing
  • Unsure about having weekly design refinement meetings, perhaps bi-weekly, or Trello uploads? +1 +1 I'd also like to see it be more asynchronous, so I don't end up having a zombie meeting about design.

Action itemsEdit

  • Ensure everyone knows mobile-l is public, -tech is private. "Public by default" :)

Previous Action ItemsEdit

  • sign-off availability (+1)++ [kenan]
  • Not enough people looking at the app (and doubly so for Android?) (++++)+++ [kenan]
  • experiment with bug-report built in feature on ios [mhurd]
  • Not enough comments and discussion on the design trello board+++ [team]
  • tried to give moiz the link for release but it didn't seem to work for him