Wikimedia Apps/Team/Android/App hacking/Alpha build server

The Android app engineering team maintains a Cloud VPS instance that serves the latest alpha build of the Wikipedia app at

Every 15 minutes, the instance executes a script to retrieve an APK and small JSON metadata file preserved as artifacts from the latest successful Jenkins build. The file is made available for download on the public-facing site, and the metadata is used to update the displayed time of the latest successful build.

The code to execute the above is maintained in the labs-tool-wikipedia-android-builds repo.


(Note: requires shell access and membership in the Mobile project.)

Access the machine via SSH at android-builder.eqiad.wmflabs. The code repo lives at /var/www/html.

If wants to making changes to the web page and services, please visit the project page:

Occasionally the server will stop pulling in the latest builds; this can be fixed with a reboot.

After making changes it's good practice to make a note on the project Server Admin Log. To do this, join #wikimedia-cloud and leave a note: !log mobile <describe your change>. Stashbot will record your entry for posterity.

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