Wikimedia Apps/Team/Retrospectives/2018-08-13

August 13 2018

== Previous  Action Items ==

  • none

== Keep ==

  • Design reviews!+1+1+1
  • Experimenting with play store localization and promotion in other languages +1+1+1
  • Taking care of the landscape UI of the App+1
  • Learning and using Kotlin in the project+1
  • Major post-release analysis/reporting? (+1)+1
  • Keep on being awesome, y'all+10k

== Stop ==

== Start ==

  • Making Phab persist ticket status when you move tickets to another board +++
  • Being better about creating tickets for new designs before grooming/planning
  • Adding reply templates to the OTRS+1+1+1
  • **better** reply templates
  • BTW there are some in this - feel free to add/update to them too
  • handling bottle-necks to major releases better?+1
  • remember metrics earlier
  • Trying to introduce mechanisms for A/B testing in the app with Editor-related experiments  +40k+1
  • Learning more about what is involved with editing on Wikipedia and immersing into editor experiences as the team starts working on more contribution features
  • go to Suggestbot, try Content Translation tool, look at user pages and talk pages of prominent editors, look at talk pages for contentious articles
  • also good resource:,_AfC_and_PROD
  • Getting started:
  • Edit-a-thon for apps offsite?

== Questions ==

  • if the poll notifications don’t give the results expected, will we still keep what is already built, in the app?
  • yes, notifications will eventually be full feature in the app
  • Rita is changing teams!!! what will be of us!!! 😫😭
  • will be slowly ramping down from Sept through Oct
  • Growth team's goals overlap with Android
  • Carolyn will fill in

== Action Items ==

  • Charlotte - make sure there's a list of tickets to groom/plan and email to team prior to meeting
  • Lani - see who controls OTRS and look into adding templates
  • Charlotte - follow up with Corey re: testing
  • Lani - Add edit-a-thon to offsite schedule