Wikimedia Apps/Team/Retrospectives/2018-07-31

July 31 2018

== Previous  Action Items ==


== Keep ==

  • Documenting useful information
  • Cooltey's release went well thanks to good documentation :)
  • Should add documentation for store assets (languages)
  • Keep doing experiments and hacking projects

== Stop ==


== Start ==

  • (from last time)  More focus on advertising and letting people know we exist�+ For next release?
  • (from last time)  Build more interactive inVision prototypes+ Not always the necessary way. More for usability testing
  • One meeting-free day?

== Questions ==

  • How to deal with translate wiki for release info
  • Let's think about how effective the standups are - can we make it better?
  • State how close you are to finishing it, and stick to that or update on next standup (better sense of time frames)
  • How are QA process improvements going? - too early to tell

== Action Items ==