Wikimedia Apps/Team/Retrospectives/2018-05-07

May 7, 2018

== Previous Retrospective Actions ==

  • Dedicate 5 min in eng sync to talk about vol patches and process
  • Schedule a biweekly engineering roundtable, or at least get the devs together to talk about making a regular meeting
  • @mention Rita in tickets that will need design review once they've passed code review
  • Charlotte: Set down estimate norms (planning meeting)
  • Lani and Max: Update task templates to use Deadline form DONE
  • Bump original thread with instructions

"1-2-3 PASTE"

== Keep ==

  • The great velocity - It’s been awesome!
  • Gathering qualitative user feedback on features +1
  • Looking at items in the code review column regularly, a little every day+1
  • Fleshing out new feature tickets in a good level of detail ahead of when they’ll be needed
  • velocity

solid velocity

team huddles / check-ins +1

- @rho on phab on design sign-off tickets+1+1+1

- sharing WIP design prototypes+1

== Stop ==

  • insects.

== Start ==

  • Learning Flutter
  • I/O sessions:
  • Re-organizing ready to dev
  • use more ConstraintLayout

== Questions ==

== Action Items ==

  • Lani and Max: Bump original thread with instructions to add Deadline form to Star menu
  • Dmitry to write a new paragraph on wiki page about best practices re: ConstraintLayout
  • Dmitry: Schedule one-off meeting to discuss what was learned at Google I/O
  • Maybe invite Volker and Jon Robson, or at least note what we might want to discuss with them later