Wikimedia Apps/Team/Retrospectives/2018-04-24

April 24, 2018

== Previous Retrospective Actions ==

  • DB to finish setting up more DB:Other Dev meetings (esp with Cooltey) DONE
  • Lani to schedule Chore Wheel meeting with Rita and Mikhail to clarify vagueries DONE
  • Lani to add Mikhail to Chore Wheel rotation DONE

"1-2-3 PASTE"

== Keep ==

  • Pasting in ticket numbers during stand-up: it helps keep things on track
  • Referring to tickets being worked on in standup, since this helps with understanding how we are tracking for release, and surface where further discussion is required earlier
  • Taking on big and interesting tasks, and suggesting ways for improving our team and processes
  • Engineer syncs
  • Sending a preview list of tickets prioritised prior to planning meetings, since this seems to help efficiency in estimation
  • More frequent check-ins between engineers.
  • Engineers meetings, because they help me to solve problems in my work in progress patches.

== Stop ==

  • Letting volunteer patches sit too long
  • Letting tickets stay in Design sign-off too long, because the longer a task is left there, the longer it will take for the developer to switch context back to that task in case changes are required.

== Start ==

  • Stricter adherence to Zeplin mocks when building layouts.
  • Engineering round table
  • Revisiting our ticket estimates on a regular basis
  • Estimating tickets based on time to complete rather than complexity
  • Establish a common team norm for points estimation, ideally based on time so that we can more accurately gauge timelines for down-the-line activities (user testing, marketing, cross-team coordination, etc)
  • Setting semi-flexible release dates to ease planning and communications
  • Using the Deadline task template so that we have added flexibility to visualize task prios on the release board

== Questions ==

== Action Items ==

  • Dedicate 5 min in eng sync to talk about vol patches and process
  • Schedule a biweekly engineering roundtable, or at least get the devs together to talk about making a regular meeting
  • @mention Rita in tickets that will need design review once they've passed code review
  • Charlotte: Set down estimate norms (planning meeting)
  • Lani and Max: Update task templates to use Deadline form, Bump original thread with instructions