Wikimedia Apps/Team/Retrospectives/2018-01-30

Previous Retrospective ActionsEdit

  • Charlotte: Make standups every day, make them shorter DONE
  • Charlotte: Move planning/grooming to Tuesdays after standup DONE
  • Charlotte: Archive old retros

Significant EventsEdit


  • Knowledge of Kotlin


  • All the teams in wmf
  • Unicode normalization forms
  • Different scenarios of syncing Reading Lists and it really makes me confused while doing the tasks


  • Meeting everyone in person, albeit briefly++ (sooooo briefly)
  • Karaoke+1+

Longed ForEdit

  • The end to my flu (omg I was so sick d00d)
  • Fewer annoying regressions. +1+
  • Getting the interim release out the door - sad parrot


  • How is the content of standups going? Getting out of it what you need?

Action ItemsEdit

  • Charlotte: Archive old retros
  • Charlotte: make a column for collecting tasks that need regression tests added
  • Charlotte: Figure out who ought to be the owner for updating regression testing in the future
  • Rita: Update regression list, we need a line item for every test, especially with stuff about new features (e.g., feed)
  • Dmitry: update with framework for full-screen tests (maybe also update title of the ticket)
    • Specify the thing we want to test it on
  • Charlotte: Extend standup meetings everyday (was previously an short-term experiment), invite Corey and Rita