Wikimedia Apps/Team/Retrospectives/2017-10-24

Previous Retrospective ActionsEdit

Natalia to set up an Event Logging Manager meeting CARRY OVER/DONE

  • Talk about pageLib during Offsite NEXT OFFSITE

Significant EventsEdit

  • Offsite
  • Bought Pixel 2 XL :O
  • Michael left for a new team


Giving an app overview for both Platforms

  • maybe we could do it during All Hands/Coworking Jan 2018

Time to work on Feed feature designs

  • SH: I was hoping newcomers could get some Dmitry time to ask question
  • maybe we can do that^ and bring in things we want to talk about to Coworking Jan 2018, also worth remembering for the next offsite
  • DB: I could use some more hacking time, perhaps in the evenings?


  • How to throw an axe++
  • Java 9 with modules.
  • Analyze Tool in Android Studio


  • Throwing axes.++
  • Phily! ++
  • Journey lines and lego activities+++

Longed ForEdit


  • Devices?

To slow down your network:

  • Slack channel?+

Action itemsEdit

Natalia to forward offsite-specific feedback to Grace