Wikimedia Apps/Team/Retrospectives/2017-10-13

Previous Retrospective ActionsEdit

Dmitry to create a spike ticket for investing a framework to use for snapshot tests (Tech Debt) for testing large scale user actions (integration test DONE Michael & Sharvani to meet when the time to update the screenshots comes (to hand off the process) CARRY OVER Michael to add a task to deal with the scripts & removing the CI job done ( ) DONE Cooltey to create a task re User language preferences after login/logout the App? DONE (

Significant EventsEdit

Michael heading to RI :.....(  :'( Upstream fix to the MapBox Chromebook crash is in beta!🎉



  • Instant Apps sdk
  • Espresso tests
  • CI/build infrastructure++
  • Callback and recycler architecture in the project


Vacation :D The team during transition(s)

Longed ForEdit

Reviews for CI patches (mine and others')


EventLoggingManager? - Content Library Offline Article Packs Next Steps+ - more info at this page

  • PageLibrary scope boundaries

Action itemsEdit

Natalia to set up an Event Logging Manager meeting

  • Talk about pageLib during Offsite