Wikimedia Apps/Team/Retrospectives/2017-09-09

Previous Retrospective ActionsEdit

Dmitry to ping Chris Koerner about the MW app CARRY OVER Check-in w Corey next Retro about ownership of current (eg footer) and future page-library work DONE After user testing, re-discuss what the plans are, in light if the new info & how we should approach dicussions with Kiwix DONE

  • discussed during planning
  • more meetings coming up

Significant EventsEdit

  • Preparations for editing descriptions on en.wp -_-
  • Page vandalism affecting the Android app :'[
  • Corey is playing Breath of the Wild NICE!



  • Android themes [in-depth]


  • Pretty good velocity+
  • Kiwix's concerns about our Offline Library work seem to have been addressed to their satisfaction
  • Very close to hiring Android PM🎉
  • Interesting user study results about Offline Library+1

Longed ForEdit

TIME (the magazine?)


  • When a tasks is completed, who moves it rightward? (I think there's a team norm about this from back in the day but not sure if it still applies)
  • DB: owner should be responsible for moving it
  • Corey: As tech lead, I used to check the board daily and make sure things move forward
  • Decision: Owner is responsible for moving the task
  • How is the team feeling about Phab with 4 engineers working on the board?
  • Quick Chore wheel expectation/schedule check-up +

Action itemsEdit

Dmitry to ping Chris Koerner about the MW app Dmitry to create a spike ticket for investing a framework to use for snapshot tests (Tech Debt) for testing large scale user actions (integration test) Natalia to create a ticket for exploratory ticket for Offline (story: try to break it) Rita to forward previous chore wheel e-mails to Sharvani & Cooltey Natalia to update the team norms page with the Phab stuff