Wikimedia Apps/Team/Retrospectives/2017-07-31

Significant EventsEdit

Stephen transitioning :( Sharvani hired :)+ +++ Corey learned to throw axes yesterday App offsite confirmed for really realz+


Clarity on 2nd Android hire


- LZMA compression - More about Puppet coding - Something about Swift (the object storage software, not the programming language)


Execs loved Wikidata and Compilations Rita did my chores? - continued velocity on compilations work.

Longed ForEdit

More clarity on cross-platform/page-library changes impact on design/dev work+ - reproducible cases of offline saving issues+ Clarity on Chore schedule apparently derp


Whats up with the themes/darkmode thing? move to next meeting What's up with the event logging service patch? Am I (Josh) on chore duty? I thought so, but Rita did it!

Action itemsEdit

?Team to go through regression test cases and sort them by priority send the QA e-mail first Josh & Natalia to put together an e-mail for Anthony re assignment of QA tasks Natalia to send out the Actions e-mail - Further discussion on adding "Verify regresssion testing" column to board