Wikimedia Apps/Team/Retrospectives/2017-07-17

July 17, 2017

Previous Retrospective ActionsEdit

  • Dmitry to schedule a tech session to share ZIM learnings [CARRY OVER]
  • Natalia to set up a meeting with Josh and the team to clarify the chore wheel process [DONE]

Significant EventsEdit

  • Lots o' engineer interviews++
  • ots o' team changes on the horizon (and distractions)++
  • *IT'S COREYS BIRTHDAY 🎉!!! !!\o/ 


  • Wikitech account creation has been broken since July 2016?


  • Shared element transitions between Activities! +🙆‍♂️
  • A bit of CUDA programming


  • Page Library is building some momentum.
  • Image lazy loading++
  • Velocity on compilations.
  • It's been nice to have Josh's PM support.++

Longed ForEdit

  • Naming compilations+
  • Finishing the hiring process++


Action Items Edit