Wikimedia Apps/Team/Retrospectives/2017-07-06

July 6, 2017

Previous Retrospective ActionsEdit

  • Stephen to schedule a meeting with Corey and the team to answer the question about MediaWiki support in the Android app [DONE]

Significant EventsEdit

  • I took the SS Badger (motor ferry) over Lake Michigan and it was awesome+
  • Upgraded my workstation+


  • As much time for code review or native contributions.


  • Lazy loading implementation subtleties.
  • (Even) more ZIM format minutiae
    • Any interest in a tech discussion? :D :D :D+
  • Unity 3D
  • how to make my first android 'app'


  • Velocity
  • new Play console data

Longed ForEdit

  • New guy.
  • a bit moar code review+
  • Open discussion around dev priorities
  • Time for writing code :[
  • Alignment on Chore Wheel process +
  • Fewer configurations supported.


Action Items Edit

  • ?Dmitry to schedule a tech session to share ZIM learnings
  • Natalia to set up a meeting with Josh and the team to clarify the chore wheel process