Wikimedia Apps/Team/Retrospectives/2017-06-20

June 20, 2017

Previous Retrospective ActionsEdit

Significant EventsEdit

  • Bermuda release (inc. platform backups)



  • Zim file format inside&out
  • Deploying to Bintray/Jcenter
  • A bit about instant apps
  • Goal planning gamification
    • RH: It'd be useful to revisit team goals before planning+1
    • SN: Could we break it into 2 sessions - brainstorming and pitching?+1
  • Possible Mapbox alternatives:


  • Low crash rate++++
  • Several strong candidates in the pipeline
  • Roadmaps are great!
  • CI fix is still working!

Longed ForEdit

  • a name for compilations thats not compilations+++
    • just use "lists"


  • Should we support MediaWiki in the Android app? (Needs some feedback from Corey too)
  • Ready for dev column - does it need any adjustements to make work sitting in that column clearer?

Action Items Edit

Stephen to schedule a meeting with Corey and the team to answer the question about MediaWiki support in the Android app