Wikimedia Apps/Team/Retrospectives/2017-04-24

April 24, 2017

Previous Retrospective ActionsEdit

  • [DMITRY] send out notes/docs on reading lists / collections planning [CARRY OVER]

Significant EventsEdit

  • Beta is out, hopefully to prod soon
  • TPG reorg (kind of)
  • Reading lists are now synced in pre-beta


  • consensus on whether to proceed with using userjs stopgap for reading lists.


  • The CI emulator boots (sometimes) when booted with -no-boot-anim
    • Is this related to the ticket Stephen filed about getting a GPU?
  • Don't rely on the Gerrit reviewer tagger bot


  • new season of The Leftovers (lol - I have never seen, should I?) (if you liked Lost, you might like this)
  • The Matrix is reshowing at a local cinema
  • Yesterday i watched the spy who loved me - the most bondy of bond movies

Longed ForEdit


  • RxAndroid/RxJava -- let's talk about them
    • It seems cool… there is an iOS lib too (a few of them)
  • Chromebook support? Amazon device support...
    • ordered, Lani should be contacting Michael to ship it when it arrives

Action Items Edit

  • [DMITRY] send out notes/docs on reading lists / collections planning
  • [COREY] to put together the straw man of API & response format for the reading lists no later than Wed morning