Wikimedia Apps/Team/Retrospectives/2017-02-13

February 13, 2017

Previous Retrospective ActionsEdit

  • [DMITRY] Get the beta done re "[MICHAEL, STEPHEN] Get password for true crypt volume" DONE
  • [MICHAEL] Get password for true crypt volume DONE
  • [STEPHEN] add meeting to talk more about testing and conventions DONE
  • [STEPHEN] add spike to investigate mock web server / localhost / best practice for mocked service tests and update mock service task DONE
  • [NATALIA] to add a new "Blocked/Waiting" column DONE
  • [NATALIA] to facilitate a discussion about items in the "Questions" sections that weren't discussed (e-mail) DONE

Significant EventsEdit

  • Title descriptions on some wikis + +
  • Finally getting user testing done ♥ 
  • Beta released
  • Minor reorg / departures+


  • Stable periodic CI tests


  • a lot about ZIM files and Node stuff
  • A little bit about cache headers


  • Ultra, mega low crash rate: 160k sessions and 72 crashes on beta+
  • OkHttp cache replacement therapy
  • Team is doing a good job with filing new tickets for bugs and features 👏
  • More and more unit tests: ~450 in CI now and in part responsible for lower crash rate and higher quality. Actually saw tests catch bugs

Longed ForEdit

  • OkHttp extensibility
  • Not having the "blocked" column between "doing" and "code review"  +1 moving to the left of "doing" 
  • Secure user password handling
    • I wish we could refactor a lot of this account logic


  • Fresco/OOM stuff.  We're still getting some number of OOM crashes.  Do we have numbers or a general sense of what effect Fresco had on memory issues initially?
    • See also: (Fresco uses finalizers in a way known to be poor practice; unresolved since last July)
  • Are we handling user accounts in an odd way?  I don't see the add/delete account pattern on login/logout used by other apps
  • Should we be anticipating users sharing phones/needing to support multiple accounts
  • Natalia:
    • Phab ticketing with Design
    • Release boards?
    • Estimation
    • Kanbanification/redefining meeting time
  • Bernd:
    • Should we get our own IRC chat room and link Android related Phab pings there? iOS is doing a similar thing. It's nice to see a consolidated and chronological list of discussions happening combined with IRC.

Action ItemsEdit

  • [STEPHEN] to file a spike re Stable periodic CI tests ( try bumping the timeout, investigate the plugin
  • [NATALIA] move the Blocked column to the left of Doing