Wikimedia Apps/Team/Retrospectives/2016-12-02

December 2, 2016

Previous Retrospective ActionsEdit

  • [MICHAEL, STEPHEN] Get password for true crypt volume  TO BE CARRIED OVER
  • [MICHAEL] Make a spike ticket to explore the retrofit-mock module's networking error mocking capabilities and add more error cases to unit tests DONE
  • [NATALIA] Reschedule grooming (around other rescheduling) DONE++
  • [STEPHEN] Create a tech debt Phab ticket for Mocked service tests DONE

Significant EventsEdit



  • More about screenshot testing
  • Testing against fixed data leads to more stable test executions.+
  • The immense power+ and prestige of TextViews: HTML subset and spannables support
    • Now that's what I call Real Ultimate Power!
  • How to checkout stuff in gerrit properly and view on Genymotion! 


  • Documented coding conventions!
    • Needs to be more of a team convention
  • Huge emphasis on testing
  • New meeting schedule+ +1
  • Announcements in feed (remote-controllable by us)+
  • Designer using Gerrit+AS 
  • Good designer support in phab (checking tickets, making tickets)

Longed ForEdit

  • Probably would be better to talk about test strategies more as a team in hangout, not just code review
  • Less flaky CI
  • Less flaky service tests
  • A way to trigger the periodic test build on demand from Gerrit, a la 'recheck' or 'check experimental'+


  • Phab ticketing with Design?
    • Addition of a 'Ready for development' column
    • Does this mean 'To do' should be something else? "Tasks from Product Backlog" is called in iOS, Reading web has "Needs analysis" and "To do"
    • Discuss adding a 'Blocked or waiting' column 
    • Design sign-off tickets
    • Open forum on any other aspects to better faciliate working with Design on Phab
  • Asynchronous TSG check-in in the face of rescheduled meetings?+
    • Asynchronous e-mail/IRC check-in with TSG
    • A few days notice if team wants TSG in a meeting
  • Kanban check-in - how's it going?
  • Rescheduling - any changes?
  • Moving to Differential code reviews -- a priority or not?+

Action ItemsEdit

  • [DMITRY] Get the beta done re "[MICHAEL, STEPHEN] Get password for true crypt volume"
  • [MICHAEL] Get password for true crypt volume
  • [STEPHEN] add meeting to talk more about testing and conventions
  • [STEPHEN] add spike to investigate mock web server / localhost / best practice for mocked service tests and update mock service task
  • [NATALIA] to add a new "Blocked/Waiting" column
  • [NATALIA] to facilitate a discussion about items in the "Questions" sections that weren't discussed (e-mail)



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