Wikimedia Apps/Team/Retrospectives/2016-11-03


November 03, 2016

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Discussion TopicsEdit

  • MB: Ran a qualitative survey on iOS
    • Sent to those on the outskirts of the team
    • Purpose was to get a better sense of where the team is at with process and measuring success, by getting open feedback and coding themes
    • Clear and aligned goals
    • Team is quick to respond
    • Mailing list helpful
    • Face to face chats
    • Team is friendly
    • (When in doubt) trusts the team’s judgement


  • MB: How was it without TPG around?
    • Hope to better define engagement
  • Reporting action items and followup
    • Maybe fewer, but feels more like we didn’t have a recorder/motivator
    • +1 Corey: having max around frees us up to have the conversations because we have a safety net
    • Josh: good to have someone who is not part of the conversation, focus on logistics
  • Josh: might be like mental health prescription: what happens when you stop taking your medicine?
  • MB: Are we getting anything out of Combined Apps Standup?
    • Can go a long time without being useful, but then the rare occurrence it’s really handy
      • Corey: if there is a rare occurrence, might as well have a formal adhoc meeting
    • Cultural impact is good, reminded that we have compatriots
    • There used to be a monthly staff meeting for Reading. What happened to it?
    • We used to do ALL meetings together; we brought this one back, and it’s not really hurting us
    • Josh: if the services team becomes it’s own team, we might get tech leads together

Action ItemsEdit