Wikimedia Apps/Team/Retrospectives/2016-10-21


Previous Retrospective ActionsEdit

  • [MAX] Create #Android-app-Bugs DONE

Significant EventsEdit

  • beta and prod release + + +
  • mobile content service deploy
  • quarterly review



  • a lot of insights on feed usage/metrics, and post-overhaul data


  • improving release cadence
  • squashing crashes/bugs
  • chipping away at ux debt (gradually)+
  • lots of Reading Services* contributions from other teams
    • Reading Services == new (proposed) name for MCS+
      • Is there a ticket for the rename we can contribute to? --no, sorry, I think this was just some discussion over email. if you're open to suggestions, please loop me (stephen) in.
  • lots of hygiene patches and some good amount of tackling of tech debt
  • Gave a short presentation about developing the app with a local GDG group. People were excited to contribute.
  • Fairly regular volunteer contributions, including new volunteers+
    • i think some of this may be outreachy prospects but some of it doesn't seem to be. either way, very cool!
  • working on editing and less resourced features of the app

Longed ForEdit

  • a bit more velocity+


Action ItemsEdit

  • get firm answer on W0 notifications (dmitry)
  • share data on feed/overhaul engagement (dmitry)
  • Michael to do next beta release (michael)