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October 06, 2016

Previous Retrospective ActionsEdit

  • [MAX] iOS Google Doc for retros DONE
  • [MAX] Email team before retros to check in if it's needed DONE
  • [MAX] Rename estimation column, meeting; timebox experiment DONE
  • [MAX] Add to Planning meeting: Discuss table of contents button position feedback, and make sure that Sherah is involved in this instance of Planning. DONE

Discussion TopicsEdit

  • JM: Being critical in a professional way


  • How is not-estimating going? 1 month check-in
  • MH: It’s confusing when there are tasks to do on multiple release boards. Can we limit the number of in-progress boards?
    • MB: I agree that there should only be one “Doing” board at a time, when possible. Obviously some exceptions.
    • What’s the value of having multiple release boards?
    • What’s the value of limiting in-progress release boards?
  • MB: How does the team know that it is being successful?
    • How do we show others?
  • Observing needs regarding TPG support while Max is away
    • Oct 17 - 31

Action ItemsEdit


Previous Retrospective ActionsEdit

  • [MAX] Make a menu link to regression tag on MCS board DONE
  • [STEPHEN] We should resolve whether we're working on fundraising in Q2 or not DONE
  • [dmitry] step up PMage ONGOING


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Significant EventsEdit

  • Released nav overhaul to production :)+ <<
  • fundraising plans = unblocked
  • quarterly goal = met
  • superb volunteer contribution+
  • Max has a shadow
  • Getting a better handle to fight vandalism in Explore feed



  • a great deal about CentralNotice
  • bottom navigation is not for everyone
  • More advanced Gson usage+


  • Aggressive code review turnaround times
  • plenty of constructive feedback from Google Play and OTRS+
  • App didn't plodey too much+
  • Q1 goals met
  • Unit testing for development

Longed ForEdit


  • Do we use "Design Doing"?
  • We should leverage our *production* alpha users before beta and regularlly? They exist in some number
  • Do we want to bump up min API level to 16?
  • Can we merge the crash report template into the bug report template?
  • #bug
  • How can we better account for unofficial goals in our process without introducing needless overhead?

Action ItemsEdit

  • [MAX] Create #Android-app-Bugs