Wikimedia Apps/Team/Retrospectives/2016-09-23

September 23, 2016


Previous Retrospective ActionsEdit

  • [DMITRY] Follow up with Sherah about user testing/userzoom
  • [MAX] Follow up on email thread for MCS-regression tag in Phab (talk to Bernd too) DONE
  • [MAX] Check in with JK: what are the explicit Q2 goals? Confusion around MCS. DONE
  • [MAX] Start thread with team to see how we can improve phab tagging next Q DUNZIEZ
  • [DMITRY/BERND] Add tasks to next or following sprint to improve rapid detection of outages DONE



Significant EventsEdit


  • A plan for getting UX debt into sprints/planning+


  • SN: We should be careful about signing up for tasks that are not fully fleshed out by other teams
    • We should resolve whether we're working on fundraising now or not
  • Might be best to talk about DR after initial designs from Nirzar/Design
  • Max is real good at ping-pong
  • (Beta) Users hate easy navigation! (j/k)


  • Prepopulated retro items+
  • Someone responded to an email over a year after it was sent and said something like "can't wait to try this out!" Wrong. You can wait. You did wait.
  • Tending of open phab tickets +1

Longed ForEdit

  • SN: A way to track how many hours we spend on spikes/timeboxes
  • Beta was major distraction (longed for it to be less of a distraction). I'm not sure when the last time I worked on something planned was. No time for 10% time.
  • Fewer open code reviews in app and service repos... There were a lot of patches but not enough reviewers
  • Better meeting planning
  • Better planning meeting. I feel in today's planning meeting we could have copied some tasks over ahead of time.
  • Less buggy beta, fewer last minute changes


  • Do we use "Design Doing"?
  • We should leverage our *production* alpha users before beta and regularlly? They exist in some number
  • Do we want to bump up min API level to 16?
  • Can we merge the crash report template into the bug report template?

Action ItemsEdit

  • [MAX] Make a menu link to regression tag on MCS board DONE
  • [STEPHEN] We should resolve whether we're working on fundraising in Q2 or not
  • [dmitry] step up PMage