Wikimedia Apps/Team/Retrospectives/2016-09-07


September 07, 2016

Previous Retrospective ActionsEdit

  • [MAX] Get together with Monte and Josh to figure out next steps for wiki-fying regression, untie knots around multiple documentations DONE
  • [JOSH] Look into OTRS filters/queueing to Make OTRS Great Again
    • Ping Keegan (subject lines for subqueues?) DONE
  • [COREY] Reach out to JK about Web more like changes - what is expected? Get shared understanding so that we can iterate. DONE


  • We've considered options for looking at coming beta. There's added overhead. Is this something we really need?
    • Can we review why we need to know what is going to be in the next beta?
      • Becuase of the release boards, Josh tends to preplan releases, but he thinks that my be confusing because it makes the board bigger/more disorganized. To limit sense of scope, do we want to add a "holding" column to an existing release? Is the real concern that the board looks too full?
        • Corey: Not a concern for him. Likes the flexibility, finds prioritization useful.
      • We're about to ship a build to QA, what's going to be in it (Phab-wise). However, the release process has changed, so we tend to not have things go to QA before the build is available. Might not be an issue anymore, because QA now knows what they are supposed to be testing. Testing Requirements column has mitigated things going to QA too early, too.
        • We can automate changelists.
  • Retro cycle
    • Different cadence?
      • Josh: Catholic analogy (forced confession so that you have something to say to the priest).
  • Estimation isn't really happening.
    • Experiment with abandoning?
  • User testing UI changes
  • How does the team know that it is being successful?
    • How do we show others?

Action ItemsEdit

  • [MAX] iOS Google Doc for retros
  • [MAX] Email team before retros to check in if it's needed
  • [MAX] Rename estimation column, meeting; timebox experiment
  • [MAX] Add to Planning meeting: Discuss table of contents button position feedback, and make sure that Sherah is involved in this instance of Planning.