Wikimedia Apps/Team/Retrospectives/2016-07-29

July 29, 2016


Previous Retrospective ActionsEdit

  • [BERND] Measure requests to service endpoints. Are any endpoints getting significant use by non-Android app (or content service (testing)) User-Agents, so that we don't turn off services in use? Check with Services/Analytics teams? NOT DONE
  • [DMITRY] Review testing (tech debt) tasks (authentication tests, junit tests) DONE
  • [MICHAEL] Reach out about moving Commons app under WMF umbrella DONE
  • [STEPHEN] Discuss how Differential / Arcanist, tests, and tech debt fits into the quarter DONE

Significant EventsEdit

  • New Gerrit UI
  • Feed in prodzomg
    • People like it!
    • Yayy!!


  • Progress (I think) on the Reading Lists backend++
  • Nav overhaul is coming along+
  • Support from Comms+
  • Great blog post about feed and other new features+


  • Restraint? 17 unplanned tasks (average has been 9), 23 points (average is 13)
    • I also worked on a number of teeny tiny tasks that weren't tasked but kind of came up organically. 100% organic and glutask free.
  • Clarity on how to add MCS tasks to the sprint
  • Crashes
    • DB is disappointed


  • A good amount of user behavior? via reddit comments+

Longed forEdit

  • SN: A Q goal tag?
    • Should we make one?
  • Voting lint tests ( ) -- should I un-(-1) it?++
    • Please add me to review (I can't see this page). -- (etherpad was including the paren in the link -- should work now). cool adedd folks. should we add hashar? sure, i'll push my rebase while i'm at it

Action ItemsEdit

  • [MAX] Create a Quarterly Goal tag for Android Q1