Wikimedia Apps/Team/Retrospectives/2016-07-28


July 28, 2016

Today's Theme: Focus on how 5.0.5 went from start to finish

Previous Retrospective ActionsEdit

  • [JOSH] Add max to meeting about automating tests, etc INVALID
  • [MAX] Look into making Friday retros earlier, or Monday/Thursday DONE
  • [MONTE] Talk with Josh to establish a dedicated time for Monte to fix holes in our regression testing. Fridays? NOT DONE
  • [MAX] Review and possibly add to Planning agenda for Tuesday DONE
  • [MONTE] Check in with Josh about image map regression in 5.0.5 (emailed) DONE


  • Adding unit tests for new code
  • adding more diagnostic information around crashes
  • Testing during the code review process, being careful about assessing impact
  • Phab process! (I hear a lot of other folks talk about how much they like the way iOS does process, from columns to communication)
    • On that note, the team is really polite and professional with one another and with other teams <3
  • Talking through engineering issues and technical solutions+1
  • team status updates, even if we don't ship I think we broadcast status honestly and frequently (big ups to cfloyd)
  • Pushing each other to do good work
  • Reacting to changes and issues - adjusting our plans to fit our work and resources


  • Working on unpointed tasks, OR change pointing expectations/process
  • Losing a dev to work on secret iOS missions :) <-- this is solved if we plan better for absences below
  • Accidentally pulling in changes (mostly solved with the new release process)


  • Planning for absences (PO, tech lead, etc)
  • Accounting for more QA testing time
  • Integrating changes in beta earlier ("We fixed a regression in beta a week before shipping but didn't do anything with it. ")
  • Getting a better common understanding of story points
  • understand the impact of large technical refactors on the team (i.e. It's not parrallelizable at our scale)


  • Smoke Test or Regression run before beta instead of after?

Action ItemsEdit

  • [MONTE] Talk with Josh to establish a dedicated time for Monte to fix holes in our regression testing. Fridays?
  • [JOSH] Schedule: Before we ship the next version, let's do a walkthrough (iPad, iPhone)
  • [MAX] Review the value of story pointing, see if we should continue, discuss (email?)
  • [MAX] Invite Corey to regression test meeting with Andy
  • [JOSH/MAX] Explore how to identify cards that are for the coming beta, specifically the release candidate (tags? meeting agenda?)