Wikimedia Apps/Team/Retrospectives/2016-06-03


June 03, 2016

Previous Retrospective ActionsEdit

  • [COREY] Look into making Corey and Monte automatic viewers for anything related to MobileFrontend PUNT
  • [JOSH] Get Rita access to Piwik ONGOING
  • [MAX] Email list about retro for Corey's sake DONE
  • [MAX] Email list about "Can we estimate bugs?" DONE

Significant EventsEdit

  • Joe! +1+1
  • KMay got invited to sit at Keynote, must be good
  • Corey and Nzr still out

Worked WellEdit

  • Joe's onboarding doc from Adam +1 +1
  • is surprisingly nifty for sharing design spec-type stuff
  • WKWebView bits are *mostly* wrapped - it has dragged on a bit but the overall improvement is noticeable - seems snappier and should address some hard to repro crashes

Worked PoorlyEdit

  • Sucks not having Corey and Nirzar around
  • Rita still hasn't started on iPad stuff
  • Josh's stomach
  • Rita's computer officially deadzo
  • Joe not sure how to get access to stat servers (stat1002 and stat1003) or event logging
  • Debugging settings no longer working?


Action ItemsEdit

  • [ADAM] Look into making Corey and Monte automatic viewers for anything related to MobileFrontend
  • [JOSH] Get Joe on ticket to get Rita access to Piwik and followup with Ops
  • [RITA] Add to planning meeting agenda: Zeplin, intro to iOS process (
  • [JOSH] Find and give documentation to Joe regarding access to stat servers (stat1002 and stat1003) and/or event logging

June 03, 2016


Previous Retrospective ActionsEdit

  • [BERND] Doing and Code Review columns on MCS board will be hidden DONE
  • Contributors to MCS will tag with workboard project
    • [MAX] to email iOS and Web with changes and norms going forward DONE
  • [STEPHEN] Ask Web/Sam/Baha about testing (Selenium, Espresso, Cucumber) DONE

Significant EventsEdit

  • Quick question: how is it June 3rd already? :..(
  • Fuggin+ finnally released a new build to prod.+
    • Hopefully will get on a better cadence for releases (an often-said expression)


  • Meeting with webbies and talking tests. Talking about tests.
  • Everyone on and off team were open for nice discussions. All I had to do was ask.
  • Production release with reading lists+
    • Relatively few crashes, despite a couple new ones.+
    • Getting useful feedback from users
  • Doodle poll seems to work well for coordinating timezones.
  • UI tasks, RecyclerView. Code quality is actually good!
  • Breaking up tasks where possible+
  • Consistently tagging well, triaging/grooming well, blocking tasks clearly
  • Super ultra low crash rate. Especially amazing considering the amount of code changed, the distance from the last build, the libraries upgraded, the weather, etc, etc. Some of the top crashes are limited to a few (probably very rightfully upset) users.
    • If the neverending crash loops are indeed gone, I really love that!
  • Pretty happy with the direction Feeds is going.
  • Would be better to break future cards into UI, dataclient, logic, interaction, etc. If we want tests, we should probably add those as checkboxes too. This is how my patches ended up. Alternatively, add checklists to tasks.
  • Enjoying spawning tasks rather than growing scope.+
  • +1 for featuring out epic developments in master. Let's us keep all the goodness of a development branch without any of the overhead. We did it with Reading Lists and now with Feeds. Win, win, win.
  • I wrote an Android test! We shouldn't celebrate this because it should be happening more often but... I did.\o/


  • More stable MCS deployments
  • Time to finish the feed at a moderate pace


  • Testing lessons from Web?
  • Big hairy thing? Make a Phab!!!

Longed forEdit

  • More timely user testing, in line with our schedule
    • Our basic user testing is looking at the Play Store reviews, would be nice to have more focus before public releases
  • More attention from Design
  • Earlier prep of sprint boards+

Action ItemsEdit

  • [DMITRY] Talk with Nirzar and Sherah about getting designs before the quarter begins, talk about user testing strategy
  • [MAX] Create sprint boards through end of quarter (86)
    • [DMITRY] Populate (roughly)