Wikimedia Apps/Team/Retrospectives/2016-05-20


May 20, 2016

Previous Retrospective ActionsEdit

  • None!

Significant EventsEdit

  • Offsite
  • New and moar estimation
  • Google IO+
  • Peer reviews
  • Engagement survey


  • For the first time since 2000 and whatever, CI builds are super stable. One failure (due to plugin outside of our code) since 11 days ago or so (
  • We're waaaay ahead on estimation
    • Pointing bugs! Feeds!+
  • Offsite was pretty great. A valuable experience.+
  • Feels like our momentum is good since we've finished reading lists work+
  • Long running tasks are closing up! Code is stabilizing! Legit release is coming soon.+
  • Great discussion about endpoint names for feeds on Phab task+


  • Haven't reviewed the latest Android N and Google I/O announcements yet.
  • "Needs Deployment" tag in Phab


  • MCS board may be redundant (only some columns, though)
  • Android devs have mad muscial instrument skillz

Longed forEdit

  • More and faster tests.
    • How about some Espresso UI test?
      • Maybe. I have a bit of experience with Espresso but I'm still not sold on it.

Action ItemsEdit

  • [BERND] Doing and Code Review columns on MCS board will be hidden
  • Contributors to MCS will tag with workboard project
    • [MAX] to email iOS and Web with changes and norms going forward
  • [STEPHEN] Ask Web/Sam/Baha about testing (Selenium, Espresso, Cucumber)


May 20, 2016

Previous Retrospective ActionsEdit

  • [COREY] Look into making Corey and Monte automatic viewers for anything related to MobileFrontend
  • [JOSH] Reach out to Web to see what their OTRS norms are INVALID
  • [MAX] Look into gCal To Dos system - assigning to other people? System for commitments outside of product, expectations from team members
  • [COREY] Sync with Josh and Monte on WWDC plans, travel, etc DONE
  • [JOSH] Get Rita access to Piwik

Significant EventsEdit

  • Apple swift issues
  • "partner" oppotunity
  • blog post of love
  • Joe said yes
  • Reading offsite!
  • We got the Wikipedia name+++

Worked WellEdit

  • Release boards!
  • WIP
  • Design research and thinking on nearby
  • Although WK work scope crept a bit, most of it is done (~80 to ~90%)

Worked PoorlyEdit

  • underestimated scope of WK work (still worth doing)
  • iPad getting not so much love
  • lack of engagement data is really frustrating
  • issues, lack of research tools


  • Can we estimate bugs?

Action ItemsEdit

  • [COREY] Look into making Corey and Monte automatic viewers for anything related to MobileFrontend
  • [JOSH] Get Rita access to Piwik
  • [MAX] Email list about retro for Corey's sake
  • [MAX] Email list about "Can we estimate bugs?"