Wikimedia Apps/Team/Retrospectives/2016-04-22


April 22, 2016

Previous Retrospective ActionsEdit

  • Schedule continued breakdown of feeds [MAX] DONE
  • Dmitry to review iOS product documentation to get better sense of feeds priorities [DMITRY] DONE
  • Make T-Shirt columns for Feeds project board [STEPHEN] DONE

Significant EventsEdit

  • We are shedding android users (according to analytics) and the answer is not straightforward
  • Kaity


  • Cranked out work this sprint after getting bottlenecked the last couple
  • Reading lists work coming to an end. The end is near. +inf. +NaN +undefined
    • Prev 2 items: Really helped to commit to merge things to master.
      • SN: Mixed feelings, but felt necessary. Good to visualize the whole. Downside is now master is in less pristine shape than before. No bueno, wanna be more precise. Want features to be more polished before moving to master.
  • Estimating/breaking down feeds conversations ++
    • Excellent guidance from TPG
  • Stephen setting time for his 10 percenting, and expectations+
  • Hackathon work merged. (edit here)


  • API 15 AOSP emulator
  • Sega Saturn emulator


  • Reviewers on Google Play *hate* the Identity permission!
    • Max hates that Google Play isn't super clear on what permissions are for sometimes... (XPrivacy FTW)
  • Kaity is leaving! -
  • JonR's awesome Gerrit UI enhancing Chrome extension

Longed forEdit

  • None

Action ItemsEdit

  • None


April 25, 2016

Previous Retrospective ActionsEdit

  • [COREY] Look into making Corey and Monte automatic viewers for anything related to MobileFrontend NOT DONE
  • [JOSH] Forward Max and email related to relationship with Analytics DONE
  • [COREY] Add Max to email (to Adam) about norms related to what people external to the team can and can't commit (e.g. translate wiki norms and communication paths) DONE
  • [JOSH] Reach out to Web to see what their OTRS norms are NOT DONE
  • [TEAM] Make sure tasks that are cross-tagged on Phab have tickets specific to the team (e.g., don't work on a task that is tagged "Analytics," instead make an iOS-specific task and "track" the cross-tagged one.

Significant EventsEdit

  • 5.0.3 Beta
  • Kaity and Moiz are leaving :( T-T
  • Josh's "Strategery" email

Worked WellEdit

  • WWDC lottery
  • Release board is in good shape
  • Loved seeing the thread on the app's future from Josh
  • Testing on text-resize went well, no major issues
  • Acutal beta feedback, even on a minor release!

Worked PoorlyEdit

  • No place to put our "action items" - we should have a place for non-product commitments.
  • Corey doing his action items - and then blaming our system for action items
  • Ticket being pushed back becuase spec was not defined beforehand ( )
  • Nzr is overloaded with meetings across teams
  • Quick fix for nearby didn't make the cut for beta
  • Language Picker Ticket was defined but needed to be re-thought in the middel of implementation


  • Can we move the Needs Design Review column to before QA?
  • Getting our WWDC plans together
  • Can Rita get access to Piwik please :) ?
  • What are our real goals (re: Josh's email)

Action ItemsEdit

  • [COREY] Look into making Corey and Monte automatic viewers for anything related to MobileFrontend
  • [JOSH] Reach out to Web to see what their OTRS norms are
  • [MAX] Look into gCal To Dos system - assigning to other people? System for commitments outside of product, expectations from team members
  • [COREY] Sync with Josh and Monte on WWDC plans, travel, etc
  • [JOSH] Get Rita access to Piwik